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We are Adeche, an artist couple (Solomon and Adwoa) who love to paint and tell stories surrounding the wonderful and under-rated world of African mythology.


As a couple, we research, curate and paint all of our work together - our paintings always focus on African Mythological deities as well as African culture and folktales. Being Nigerian and Ghanaian diaspora, we have always felt that it is important to tell the stories of our ancestors and most importantly depict the deities and folklore surrounding people who look like us and come from the same continent in the world that we do. This is something that we haven't seen in mainstream media and art.

Check out our podcast Afro Mythos wherever you listen to podcasts for some fun and entertaining discussions and stories!

Pinterest x SevenSix Agency

Don’t quit your yay job!

Partnering with Pinterest to create a series of Idea Pins all about how we turn our pastime into a payday!

M.A.D.S Art Gallery

M.A.D.S. ART GALLERY is a company operating internationally in the artistic field. 

Featured (as SA Art) in the ROMANTICA Shape of my Art exhibition in Milan April 2021.

Drawers Off

Solomon features in this life drawing show with a twist where artists take it in turns to compete and reveal their naked ambition.

Watch Solomon draw, paint and sketch on episodes 11-15.

Black Ballad

Creative, but never struggling: How Black Northern Artists are staying afloat.

Adwoa's article written for Black Ballad dispelling the myth that you must suffer for your art.

The Mayfair Group

Partnering with Creative Label, other black creatives and The Mayfair Group; Adwoa features in this BLM campaign, designing a clothing set in support of a number of organisations. 

The Flux Review

The FLUX Review is a stunning, collectable art publication, featuring an array of international artists and world exploration features.

Featured (as SA Art) in Edition 5.