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Whether this is the first time you’ve ever bought an original painting or you’re an art connoisseur, we recommend these tips to keep your new painting in the best condition possible:

1. Never lean the front or back surface of a stretched canvas on a pointed or sharp object, no matter how small. Corners of chairs and tables must be avoided. If you lean the canvas against it, it will leave a dent that will disfigure your work.

2. Dust your painting regularly. This will avoid a layer of dust build up which will dry out the paint and possibly result in cracking and peeling. However, please do not spray any household cleaning products on the work. Only dust with a light brush as cloths and feather dusters might catch.

3. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will fade the colours in the painting. Please be aware of this when choosing a location for it. Never expose the painting to extreme heat, extreme cold, or to extreme humidity. Never hang in direct sunlight, over fires, radiators, heaters, and in bathrooms.

4. If you must transport the painting, lay a flat piece of cardboard or a similar firm material over the front and back surfaces, and then wrap it in bubble wrap or Styrofoam wrap. Keep bubble wrap away from the painting surface as it could leave marks. Always keep a painting upright and never lay it flat. Please carry a painting with two hands from the sides of the frame, never just by the top.

5. Make sure the painting is hanging securely and safely. (We often use command strips which are a great alternative to hanging screws, especially for renters!)

We hope you enjoy your painting! (please send us pictures and tag us @adeche.atelier)

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