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Everything that has happened in our studio so far!

Tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today" - African Proverb

Hello, Adwoa here, and if you’re reading this then thank you! This ‘blog’ always feels like a good space to go over everything that has happened since we last wrote on here.

Firstly, as I’m writing this (on the 31st July) tomorrow is literally the two year anniversary of Adeche! *insert cheer here* haha but honestly we’ve come so far in two years with our art and I’m so proud of us and what is to come.


Art episode?

We finally posted a new episode (Episode 10) of our podcast Art Mythos – all about our girl Nephthys so if you’re into Egyptian Mythology (which you should be or you wouldn’t really be reading this blog) then go ahead and check it out, we’ll make it easy for you and leave a link right here…(click the photo below to listen)

Adeche on Youtube? You bet!

We’ve also kind of revamped and re-started our YouTube which we hope will become an amazing space for us to re-post our podcast episodes, tell more in depth stories and show you more behind the scenes of what we do and how we do it as a couple! Here’s to hoping that the next time one of us writes a blog on here we have started to do just that! On the topic of revamping… we’re currently changing up our art studio a bit (just need to choose what colour we are going to paint the walls).

I also graduated this month, so this means I am finally done with university (after 6 long years…architecture is no joke!) so adulting is now in the horizon for me. It’s been an adjustment starting work and continuing with art at the same time but it’s fun and earning money is always a plus!

What's going on in the studio?

Since the last blog we finished and sold our painting of Ogun and The Sun and The Moon which is amazing! We’re currently working on our depiction of Aja – the Orisha of Herbs and master of potions so keep an eye out for that. As well as Aja, we’ve begun an amazing painting (our biggest one yet) of magical supernatural Senegalese fairies called the Yumboes. It’s already looking to be an exciting painting so we can’t wait to see the outcome.

Also…how could I forget! We have accepted our first paid partnership with none other than Pinterest! An amazing site which we use A LOT for inspiration and concepts so please check out our Pinterest board *here* if you want to take a look at what inspires our paintings. And on the subject of inspiration…we are in talks of working together with an amazing person to get some Oracle cards designed (more on that next time) but stay tuned.

Thank you for 100,000!

And lastly, I promise this is the last thing (it’s been a busy few months!) we hit 100.000 followers on TikTok which is bloody amazing so a massive thank you to each and everyone who has pressed that follow button and engages and continues to lift our spirits through their support! We truly, truly, appreciate you all.

We decided to do or first giveaway in celebration of this (which will probably be over by the time you read this) so if you missed out on our big giveaway don’t worry, stay subscribed to our mailing list so next time you’ll be the first to know!

Anyway, that’s all for now…if you made it this far into the blog then thank you and hope you enjoyed reading about our lives!

Talk soon,


Adwoa and Solomon…Solomon and Adwoa

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