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Busy is a good thing :)

Helloo again, Adeche here and you're back for our second blog post!

....Unless if this is the first one you’ve seen, then… this is awkward. Joking, but just as a recap we will be using this blog space as short entries for you to know what is going on behind the scenes in our lives.

Now, where to start? Oh yes, we have had to say goodbye to a lot of our original paintings in the studio, which is amazing! A big thank you to all our collectors, if you're reading this, "we love and appreciate you".

In order the paintings that have been sold this month are: Shango, Nephthys, Oba, Maelstrom, Yemoja, Babalu-Aye, Chaxiraxi, Joro, Oshun, Denkyem, Azziza and Oya.

We hope they bring joy to your home or office, and your eyes light up when you see them, as ours always did *single tear trickles down*…as artists, it is a bittersweet feeling, when you sell an original painting. Our studio is now looking very empty!


However, this means there is space for even more phenomenal art work to come! We are so excited about the work we have in store for you to see.

We have been busy setting up our website store…Have you seen it? What do you think? Does it make you want to buy some amazing African Mythology inspired art? Any answer other than no is preposterous!

Our new partnership with Spirit Printing Services means we can streamline the fulfilment process for all US orders… you know what that means? Cheaper delivery costs. *Twerks moderately*

Adwoa is currently finishing off her Masters of Architecture submission (the deadline is today) so wish her luck :) Freedom is soo close!


This means we will soon both be holders of a Masters of Architecture. Yes the power couple gains another infinity stone to the gauntlet.

We have invested in a few more things in the studio, such as; a mini fridge - to keep our acrylic paints wet in between sessions (pro tip), better quality brushes, and of course, more paint… the expensive kind. The ones where you have to read the label for what magic pixie dust they put in there to make it so expensive. However, it has been so worth it! It's nice to invest in good things. *queue "Ah finesse song"

So, we're guessing you want to know what our next painting is going to be of?

Well due to popular demand… and in some instances it's an actual demand lol, we are painting… drumroll please… OGUN Warrior Orisha of iron and war! Let us tell you, it will be breath-taking and powerful, possibly the best piece of art you will ever see, but we would say that wouldn’t we :)

Oh! And if you're wondering about the next episode of our podcast Art Mythos, don’t worry, as soon as Adwoa's deadline passes, we will be back to our monthly schedule. The next episode will be on Egyptian Mythology and our main girl Nephthys so, get ready for a fun time listening (or watching) Art Mythos, African Mythology told through art.

That's all for today's entry. Nothing else to say except thank you and speak to you soon :)


Adwoa and Solomon… Solomon and Adwoa

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